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Underwater World Xiamen (UWX)

Welcome to Underwater World Xiamen! Located on Xiamen’s iconic Gulangyu Island and covering more than 10,000 square meters, the Underwater World Xiamen (UWX) showcases the majestic marine realm and gives you a remarkable experience. Opened in 1999 and managed by Straco Corporation Limited, a Singapore-based company, the UWX has been the only aquarium in Xiamen that focuses on inspiring youth to engage in marine conservation through an array of fascinating exhibits and interactive guided tours. UWX was accredited as the Base of Science Education by multiple authorities and actively participating in various nationwide science education programmes, such as Science Week in May and National Science Day. In 2017, the UWX was honored to be accredited as the National Ocean Science Education Base and became the only Dual National Education Base in Xiamen. As a member of “National Ocean Endangered Species Wildlife Animal Rescue Network” and “Chinese White Dolphin Rescue”, the UWX also devotes its technology and resources to conserve the aquatic wildlife.

Embark on your underwater journey with us in the enormous blue crystal palace, home to more than 10,000 marine animals of over 350 species from the coast of China, Indian Ocean, Australian shores and the Amazon River. Venture through five exhibition zones, where you will greet the amazing flightless birds at the  Freshwater Fish; discover the Sperm Whale Specimen, one of the most complete largescale whale specimens in the world, weighing 48 tons, 18.6 meters long; explore the enticing world of Marine Fish; stroll through the crystal clear Underwater Viewing Tunnel and have an engaging experience with the comedic sea lions at the Ocean Theatre.

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